About - Utah Toyota Off-Road Expo (UTOR Expo)

Founded in 2016, the Utah Toyota Off-Road Expo has grown into Northern Utah's fastest growing Toyota specific expo. Our main focus is to bring together the Toyota Off-Road communities, enjoy the array of vehicles on display, showcase Toyota related vendors and mingle with  attendees.

Management Team

Ty Bolton - Co-Founder / Director

Jillian White - Co-Director / Marketing

Ryan George - Co-Founder / Organizer

JR "Iggy" Garcia - Co-Founder / Organizer 

Adam Tolman - Co-Director / Organizer

Miles Bachelor -  Assistant Organizer

Big thanks to all of our Volunteers each year!

We couldn't do it with all of our support and assistance in making this expo a reality!

And a big thanks to all of you that have attended or plan to attend. We're excited to be offering this to the northern Utah region and provide an outlet for its future success.